Community Investment

As of the end of 2022 and since 1992, LSTAR has given the following grants to these worthy organizations, totaling $1,319,105.


Amount Donated Between 1992 & 2022

Mission Services of London $353,994
Anova $31,950
Grace Café $30,714
Unity Project $118,944
VAWSEC $81,698
Women’s Community House $33,883
All Our Sisters Conference Bursaries $2,000
Hockey Helps the Homeless $41,450
London Affordable Housing Foundation $33,950
Youth Opportunities Unlimited $156,136
Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre $95,775
London Housing Registry $6,000
Investing in Children $42,044
St. Joseph’s Hospice $61,950
London Health Sciences Foundation Adult Eating Disorders Clinic $50,000
Meals on Wheels London $25,392
Inn Out of the Cold Elgin $17,950
Women’s Rural Resources Centre of Strathroy and Area $10,500
St. Thomas Elgin Second Stage Housing $15,788
London Food Bank $9,067
St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank $4,367
Strathroy Food Bank $4,367
My Sister’s Place $29,194
Indwell $10,000
Humana Community Services $3,356
Welkin Child and Youth Mental Wellness $3,356
The Imagine Build $10,000
Canadian Red Cross $10,000
Ark Aid Street Mission $6,838
Habitat For Humanity $8,721
BGC London $8,721
Great Cycle Challenge $1,000



Other Activities and Partnerships Include:

  • The 2022 Christmas Kettle Campaign - More than 135 REALTORS® came out to participate in the 2022 Christmas Kettle Campaign in London and St. Thomas, in support of The Salvation Army – Ontario Division. Over $14,000 was raised at kettle locations across the region. Huge thanks to all the LSTAR Members who volunteered their time and participated in the campaign.

  • The 2022 BusinessCares Food Drive - In December, Members also took part in the 2022 BusinessCares Food Drive, in support of the London Food Bank, with 50 volunteers collecting food and/or money donations at three London stores. Volunteers collected more than 5,000 pounds of food and over $2,100 in cash donations.
  • Canadian Blood Services - LSTAR also continued to partner with the Canadian Blood Services as a Partner for Life. To join the LSTAR Team, go to and click Join A Team.
  • To raise LSTAR's profile in the local community, the Association also supports various local and national events. Below is a list of events sponsored by LSTAR in 2023:
    • The UPwithART event of Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London
    • London Home Builders Association's (LHBA) Golf Tournament
    • London Home Builders Association's Awards for Creative Excellence
    • London Chamber of Commerce's Golf Tournament
    • The Ontario Home Builders Association's (OHBA) Southwest Housing Summit
    • The 2023 St. Thomas and District Chamber of Commerce's Luncheon with MPs and MPPs
    • The "Impact Awards 2023" of the St. Thomas and District Chamber of Commerce
    • The 2023 Buzz Conference
    • The 2023 AE Seminar of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
    • The GR Pro Days of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)

Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation:

  • In 2022, LSTAR continued to honour its pledge to the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation’s Every REALTOR® Campaign in the amount of $2.00 per member/per month. The Foundation’s mission is, “to advance the Foundation’s philanthropy by enabling REALTOR® Members and real estate boards to practice effective and ethical fundraising in support of shelter-related causes in Ontario.” In 2022, the Foundation provided more than $1 million in grants to shelter-based organizations across Ontario communities.

    LSTAR’s support of the Foundation has deep historical roots.  In its earliest days, LSTAR Member Peter Whatmore chaired it. In 2014, LSTAR Past President Barb Whitney served as the Foundation’s Western Ontario Director, then 2015 President-Elect, and 2016 President. In 2019, LSTAR Member Heather Arnott was named the Foundation’s Western Ontario Director, then 2020 President-Elect, and 2021 President.