Bill Madder
Chief Executive Officer

Joanne Shannon
Vice-President, Administration and Strategic Engagement

Chad Lovell
Vice-President, Public Affairs & Diversity


Kelly Bougie
Director of Administration

Jennifer Payne
Administrative Coordinator

MLS® Department 

Kelly Blakely
Director of MLS® System

Alison Maybery
Senior MLS® System Coordinator

Dayna Horlick
MLS® System Coordinator

Destin Baillargeon
MLS® System Coordinator

David McCarty
MLS® System and Accounting Coordinator


Csaba Hegedus
Director of Finance

David McCarty
MLS® System and Accounting Coordinator


Nicole Christy
Director of Membership, Learning and Leadership Development

Karoline Churilla
Manager of Education

Kathy Gorecki
Education Coordinator

Laura Maybery
Manager of Membership

Penny Miller
Senior Membership Coordinator

Cheryl Urbano
Membership Coordinator


Claire Dawson
Senior Manager of Events & Community Engagement


Adina Chirita
Director of Marketing Communications & Member Engagement

Chris Hannon
Communications Coordinator, Graphic Design & Online Experience