Canadian Blood Services Partners for Life

Did you know that it can take up to 50 donors to help a car accident victim and up to 8 donors a week to help someone with leukemia?  That's a lot of blood! And the demand for blood and blood products of all blood types just keeps growing.  In fact, by 2015 we're going to need about 500,000 more Canadians to become donors to meet the demand. That's why LSTAR has joined 580 partner organizations across Ontario as a Partner for Life with the Canadian Blood Services. Partners for Life is a nationwide program designed for corporate and community organizations. By joining the program, LSTAR has made a commitment to save lives by donating blood as a team – a REALTOR® team. To join our team and start saving lives, all you have to do is this:

Step 1: Go to Click on the link that reads "Register as a member online". A new page will open. Fill out the form displayed on that page and insert LSTAR's Partner ID: LSTA013463. A new account will be created for you.
Step 2: Click From that page, sign in to your newly created account and book a day and time to donate. You can also call 1-888-2-DONATE to complete the booking.
Step 3: Feel GREAT about yourself!

Maybe you already donate regularly. Maybe this is your first time. It doesn't matter. By registering just this once, each donation you make ... wherever you make it ... will automatically be attributed to our Partners for Life team from that point on. REALTORS® give back to the community by giving the gift of life.

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