LSTAR Represented at OREA's Political Action Conference

Last week at the Ontario Real Estate Association's (OREA) Political Affairs Conference (PAC), REALTORS® from LSTAR met with MPPs Jeff Yurek, Elgin-Middlesex-London, Peggy Sattler, London West, and Teresa Armstrong, London-Fanshawe, at Queen's Park to discuss issues affecting the real estate industry in Ontario. Specifically, REALTORS® discussed the implications of the government's proposed mandatory home energy audit program and the land transfer tax rebate for first-time buyers.

As part of OREA's annual PAC, REALTOR® delegates met with 73 MPPs from all parties and regions across Ontario. OREA also secured meetings with Premier Kathleen Wynne, PC leader Patrick Brown, and NDP leader Andrea Horwath.

The conference is vital to building strong working relationships with all parties and advancing REALTOR® issues. Thanks to a strong REALTOR® presence at Queen's Park, in the past year, Ontario REALTORS® have stopped the spread of the MLTT to regions outside of Toronto and convinced the province to modernize the land transfer tax rebate for first-time home buyers. In real numbers, REALTORS® helped prevent a $1 billion tax increase and helped deliver a $100 million tax cut for first-time buyers.

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